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BetRegal Review

BedRegal Sports was first established in 2017 and it's pretty much a traditional sportsbook platform. This is where you back the outcomes of sporting events. It's also an online casino where you can play lots of classic card games such as poker and blackjack.

Despite only being around for less than half a decade, there are over 600,000 customers that use the platform around the world. So where is BetRegal Sports based? They are in Sliema which is in Malta. This is where their headquarters are based. Currently, they have employees that are based around the world. As you can probably guess, due to the pandemic, many of their staff have been working from home and it has allowed them to increase the number and variety of staff. It's important for an international betting website to have staff that can speak many languages to handle customer complaints and inquiries. BetRegal Sports free bets are one of the best things about the platform, allowing new customers to make bets without losing anything and being able to see what they could win if they stayed on the platform.

Of course one of the things you will notice is their BetRegal Sports free bet is front and center. It allows you to make a free bet in many of their games and earn a nice little bonus without having to worry about losing anything. However, they have lots of different features and pluses that you can take advantage of.

Their odds are very good. On average, their odds are very good and not defensive at all. Some betting companies will be defensive to the point that they will make only the most safest odds for the winners they have picked. It is you against the house but they have to make it enticing to make a big bet and take a chance without feeling that you picked a no-hoper after the fact. 

They offer a sign-up bonus which comes with a match bonus of 100%. However, this is only up to £250. In the grand scheme of things, that’s all right, nothing to write home about. 

They do have a live chat service which is online. So if you don’t want to phone them and get charged the usual online casino amounts, you should consider their chat service which is manned by real customer support staff. You may need to answer some genetic FAQs to make sure you are directed to the right person, but we have heard their customer service is excellent. 

They have a lot of card games. So if you love playing games like poker, you will find that their software is fast and there are a good amount of players on during the day. So if you are a weekday player, you will find that there is always some competition willing to take you on. There are lots of tournaments available, with about 800 games going on at any given time. 

BetRegal Sports offers both live betting and sports betting so you can bet before the games begin to lock in some odds tolerances and also bet during the game up to a point. They have VIP betting, so if you are someone who can afford the extra privileges, they can give you different odds and features for betting. As you can imagine, casino betting is a bread and butter feature.

They also have a live chat feature in the games themselves. So yes, you can talk to other people. Not many online casinos have this feature anymore. Some have deemed it a waste of resources as many players don’t use it or turn it off, but thankfully, there is the option on BetRegal Sports.

Sports Betting Markets

BetRegal Sports isn’t just an online casino. The clue is in the name; it focuses on sports betting. They allow you to bet on about 18 sports overall. So if you want to bet on football, cricket, basketball, boxing, baseball, motor sports such as F1, Nascar etc, MMA, rugby union and rugby league, tennis and even horse racing, you can find something to enjoy here. There is also swimming, athletics and table tennis. Soccer, gold and ice hockey are also available. If you are new to the platform, you can use the BetRegal Sports welcome bonuses and use some cash-out options when betting on these sports. A quick example is, opening an account, betting on an important final game, winning, taking out a percentage or all of your winnings without risking a whole lot.

All the major leagues are here. You have the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL, but also some European-specific sport leagues such as the rugby league and rugby union. The latter will be attractive to British betters and the league could be more inclined to the wider European market. However you also have a mix of American and European teams playing in soccer and of course sports such as athletics allow you to bet on specific events and athletes.

With any online betting company you want to be reassured that they are aware of their duty of care. Free bets are enticing and they know it, so they have checks in place to make sure only the right kind of people are going to be entering into their online orbit. 

This is why, when you first try to sign up, there will be an age verification notice right away. You have to click the right boxes but also, make sure you pass the anti-bot captcha series of tests. Not being able to pass it can lock out your IP for a number of hours. So anyone who is trying to sign up has to be of sound age, sound mind.

Before you can sign up for a credit card, they will ask you to make sure all your details are correct. Once you wish to proceed, there will be a short wait period whereby they will check to see if you are the real card owner. Some people can even pass this test but when it comes to withdrawing any funds to place into your account, there will be more anti-bot and age verification checks. 

They also have a policy of idle players. So if you are idle for too long, they will log you out of your account. This is to protect players who may have left their machines or phones on and left the room. It also prevents people from logging into multiple accounts and trying to game the system. 

However, their phone support is not available 24 hours a day. So you have to be ready to call when they open their lines if you want to be heard. However, the wait is usually about 30 minutes or so on average. So if you have something urgent to discuss, you will need to wait and call at certain hours of the day. Bear in mind they are based in Malta and hence, run on central European time.

One of the reasons why free bets are so alluring is because we know that in the end, the house will want some of our winnings. And if we haven’t put in anything ourselves, a free bet having some of it's taking taken away, isn’t so hard to stomach.

But, how much is BetRegal Sports going to charge you? In other words, what is their commission?

This is something that is quite straightforward. Their commission is about 2% on average, but for very high wins it can be 5%. This is something to keep in mind when you are betting. An automatic 2% will be taken off any winnings. The thing is, they know that if they took any higher, players would begin to leave the platform and go to rivals. So a good consistently low 2% is tolerable even for players that are hard on their luck. 

BetRegal Sports employs an MBR. this is an economic base rate. So when it comes to commission, they will never go below 2% but they can go as high as 5% as mentioned. However, this does depend on where you are located. This MBR applies to all, but if you are in a region where the currency is weak i.e. a poorer nation than say a nation in Western Europe, there is less chance of being charged up to the maximum.

So to make things easy, if you win £100, you might be charged £5, so your real takeaway winnings are £95. If you lose, then the MBR is not applied and there is no commission to be expected.

If you hold enough reward points with BetRegal Sports, you can have a higher chance of a lower commission on winnings that would otherwise be charged the full 5%.

If you want to know more about BetRegal Sports, contact us today with any questions you might have. We have explored the platform and can answer any questions betting minds might be stirring. 

BetRegal Various Offers
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